SIGEF Project Awards is organized by Horyou to give visibility to initiatives that contribute to advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and to promote social good around the world.

Jury Award

El Pozo de Vida

El Pozo de Vida is a USA 501c3 organization that operates in Mexico City, Mexico. Its primary purpose is to fight human trafficking and sexual exploitation through innovate prevention strategies, integral support to victims, and empowerment, healing and opportunities for girls and women coming out of the sex industry. El Pozo de Vida operates a safe home for underage trafficking survivors in Mexico City, a job alternative program for women sex workers, a transition home, as well as prevention and awareness projects. Visit Project page

1st Runner Up

Pocket Rocket

Company that has production and marketing of products and / or services to promote energy saving. Their product helps reduce the pourcentage of CO2 released in the air and minimise the amount of wood used daily. Visit Project page

2nd Runner Up

Can Heat

Can Heat project is the facilitating of the manufacturing of a cheap solar water heater panel through the reuse of waste materials (aluminum cans, wooden pallets, plastic bottles). It will allow to easily spread in Réunion Island, Indian Ocean and developing countries a solution of : local waste reuse, solar sanitary heated water production, limiting electricity, gaz, fuel, coal uses, public awareness to sustainable development and education.Visit Project page



Majid El Bouazzaoui
Morocco Union of Inventors


Majid EL BOUAZZAOUI was born in 1977 in Morocco. He received an Electronics Engineer Diploma (Bachelor Degree) in 2004 and a Specialized Master Diploma in Programs and Projects Management (Master Degree) in 2008.
He worked in many companies and has more than 15 years of professional activities. He is actually the President of the Union of Inventors in Morocco and he is a jury board member in many national and international inventions’ events (Morocco, Canada, United States of America, Russian Federation, Poland, Romania).
He applied for 14 invention patents since 1997 and wins 29 International Awards (Trophies, Special Awards, 8 Gold and 4 Silver Medals) from IFIA, Canada, Switzerland, France, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Hungary, Germany, Russian Federation, Croatia, Malaysia, Taiwan, South Korea, Egypt, Lebanon and Libya. He also received the prestigious Royal Decoration from His Majesty the King Mohamed VI in 2016 (Officer Class of the National Order of Recompense in Morocco).


Amal Cherif Haouat
Founder & CEO
Cabinet “Attitudes Conseil”


Founder and Managing Director of the firm Attitudes Conseil since 2003.
Founder and President of the International Forum of TPE since 2013.
Expert in Entrepreneurship & Employability.
20 years’ experience in management and development of national and international projects related to entrepreneurship and the youth employability.
Professional Coach, speaker and event moderator.
Specialist in supporting associations, cooperatives and incubators.
Active Member of the Forum of Women Entrepreneurs OECD-MENA (FFE).
ESPOD member. AFEM member. Member of the CGEM. Member of the CCBLM.


Dittmar Thorsten
Founder & Investor


Thorsten started his computer science career in the early 80s, when he had a multicolor Mohawk haircut and computers were the size of garages.
His first business was a one-man consulting company for the programming language Smalltalk, which grew to have offices in several countries, profitable subsidiaries and inspiring partners.
From his employees he learned that power comes from simplicity, and that you only have to dig deep enough to find a really elegant and simple solution. After selling his first venture he travelled as a business angel, warning other entrepreneurs about his mistakes. At the same time, he invested in startups and started ventures in the sustainable business area.
Thorsten tries to blend economic interests and social responsibility – just as Kumbayja does.


Elie Ayoub
Advisor Strategic Communication
Public Policy Communication and Corporate Law



Elie Ayoub, Horyou Advisor Strategic Communication, Public Policy Communication and Corporate Law. Professor of International Communication and of International Marketing and Management. Lecturer, author and regular contributor to international business and trade publications.


Alyssa Trawkina
CIO & Investor
Coworking Platforma – Ukraine Community of Creators & Campus for Innovation


Investing in startups with universal vision. Developing an entrepreneurial ecosystem that fosters innovation and provides a supportive network that empowers young entrepreneurs to impact.

Selected Projects

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